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Shingles occurs in some people years after they have had chicken pox. The varicella-zoster virus, which causes chicken pox, lies dormant in the body and somehow reactivates. Symptoms include tingling, pain, and itching in a localized area followed by a red blistering rash lasting two to three weeks. Patients may also suffer headaches and fever. The trunk of the body is most commonly affected, but the eye area, face, scalp, inner mouth, arms, and legs may also be stricken. While most people recover from shingles without incident, some get eye infections or posherpetic neuralgia, a condition caused by damaged nerve fibers that leaves skin sensitive to touch. Shingles is treated with prescription medications and typically allowed to run its course.

P.S. Potential triggers for shingles include age, illness, certain medications, and stress.

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