Our Team

Meet our Team of Specialists

We make sure that your Life is in Good Hands.
Riffat Sadiq (MD) (IM)

President & CEO

M. Sadique Rhaman (MD) (Psych)

Amherst – Psychiatric Services

M Arshad Saeed, MD

Amherst – Psychiatric Services

Rashida Khanam (MD) (Psych)

Amherst – Psychiatric Services

Debra Stacey (NP) (Psych)

Amherst – Psychiatric Services

Alfredo Rodes (MD) (IM)

Derby and French

Youn Jea Kim (NP) (Derm)

Transit and Benzing

Gary R. Nelson (DO) (IM)

Grand Island and Benzing

Mary C. Bracken (NP) (Adult/IM)

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Diane Morrison (MD) (OBGYN)

Maple, Kensington, Transit

Rudolf Bucci (FNP) (IM)

Grannt St, Benzing

Nazim Khan (PA) (IM)

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Sophia Kruly (Dietitian)

Harlem (telemed)

Gary Wang (MD) (Phys Med)

Transit, Main Street

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