I'm so thankful for wny medical and there great customer service. Miles is great, he always makes sure anything and everything is done correctly. If I need something miles is on top of it. I couldn't thank you more miles !

I showed Positive for a COVID Monday 5/9/22 & immediately phoned WNY medical and spoke to Nick Adams one of the after hours staff . I was nervous; & he was patient with my urgency’s that evening and in conjunction with the doctors that contacted me. He also checked in with me to see how I was feeling this evening; I felt valued for that call so I feel he should be recognized for his attention to my situation these past few days . Thank you again Nick- C. Newman

Allen helped me he was great

Stanley, the manager for the patient portal was very helpful with rebooting the portal for me so that I could log in. He was very nice and knowledgeable, and I appreciate all he did for me today. If it is a star rating, he would get 5! Excellent! I do like very much Donna Jaworski-she is very kind and easy to speak with about any concerns that I have. She is a total asset to this practice.
Cecilia MLindner

Harry was a great help to me Larry Marino papa need to get a Medicaid Cab to go to my appointment on Monday I really appreciate it thank you so much

I do love the fact they they are conveniently an all in one practice. Sean Murphy the appointment setter was extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to answer questions I had, and provided information about the 2 new Drs my husband and I will be seeing. So far my experience with NP Kaitlyn Smith (previously Carney), in Orchard Park location, was extremely positive, she is young, knowledgeable, and very understanding of our medical issues. Her bedside manner is excellent!! I highly recommend her! Now the Dr I would not let even my worst enemy treat, is Dr Gary Wang! He is a horrible Dr and my husband came home basically unable to walk because of what he did to him. He went to him and had his first pain management, because of his 5 back surgeries, during the appt, the Dr berated and belittled him calling him fat and that he looked pregnant. Then put him on a table rotating his legs violently while shaking him saying "that doesnt hurt, man up". He then highly recommended and prescribed Suboxen only. My husband felt humiliated and not heard at all and walked out! He was in severe pain for that entire week barely being able to move! That Dr, using that term very loosely, needs to have his license taken away! I guess you will always find that one bad apple!

I had the pleasure of speaking to stanl@ wny to help with portal. He was VERY PATIENT with me. My computer and running slow, and I AM far from a computer pro. JUST HAVE TO SAY HE WAS GREAT, AND THANK YOU TO HIM... I give him 100%,and 5stars!!!!

I felt really welcome when I first called to make my appointment. Smith Adam was especially helpful!

Drs come and go I'm sorry nurse practitioners come and go they keep your records strait at all terrible
Blah Anonymous

Same here I've been going to them for the past 2 months under a workers comp issue injuries I gave him all the billing information not once not twice six times everything was correct come to find out they've been billing my fidelis care messing up my whole compensation file they know that it's illegal to Bill fidelis when you're work related injury and you give them the insurance information to Bill it this is bull who does that if you don't take workers comp you shouldn't have said you were going to Bill them then try to lue to me when I keep asking for the workers compensation forms to be filled out for the board no wondered you won't give them all along you disregard my instructions for the billing and send it to my private insurance thanks for the mess shame on you

Allan Rock is an asset to WNY Medical. He is organized, compassionate and very helpful 10 stars!! **********

I'm reluctant to post this review as I think medical professionals sometimes get poor reviews due to reasons other than the care they provide. However, in this case, I can't think of anything good to say about the practice or the office staff. I've made multiple requests for this office to send my medical records to my new provider - the first one by mail in January 2022. Since then I have called numerous times and emailed - all with no results. Today, after a full 2 months I spoke with someone who assured me he would fax my records today. There was no response as to why all previous communications went unanswered nor why this wasn't done after the first request. Additionally, the 2 practitioners I saw at this office both left the practice. I was never notified until my next appointment. I would not recommend this practice.

Stan was very professional and helpful in setting up my patient portal and answering other questions. I was having trrouble setting up my portal and he made the process quick and guided me through it.

I'd like to express that Marcus Ambrose was very helpful to me with the Patient Portal location. On a number of occasions his communication skills and kindness have made a difference in understanding my health situation. His patience with my tech difficulties were nothing less than heroic ! I believe he is an asset to this medical group at Western New York Medical PC. Sincerely, Irene Mirayes

NP Haijun Yao is completely incompetent. He does not look at a patient's chart, only their blood work results and medications. I brought my 80 year old grandpa who has dementia to see him twice. My grandpa asked him if he can drive, Yao responded of course. I told him grandpa has dementia and can't drive. Yao told him to not drive far from home so he doesn't get lost. Also told him he is very healthy, apparently missing the heart disease, two forms of cancer, and dementia. We went back yesterday, I asked him to fill out a medical form for assisted living. Yao told me I should never have given this to him, I should have given it to the front desk, they fill it out, he only signs off on it. When my grandpa said he is still grieving the death of this wife and asked for advice, Yao told him to keep busy by going to a library or hospital to volunteer and soon he will forget all about her. Apparently forgetting about the dementia, suspended license, and that he is going into assisted living. Also, that is a completely heartless thing to say.

Appointment made, for procedure, Marcus Ambrose 716 923 4380 ext 3172 excellent assistance provided!!

Very pleased with my dermatology appointment on Harlem Rd.,with Dr.Elena Kalabushkina. She took her time and gave me a complete skin check.Will give her 5 stars.

Dr khan left us without meds for 7 days because he quit and no one told us! The office staff are not compassionate they dont care ! Suboxone is a drug you should never run out or be off for any period of time, Dr khan didn’t care about any of his patients He just wanted the 160. Cash every month !

I had the pleasure of having Marcus Ambrose help me with getting connected on zoom so I am able to complete my annual virtual doctors visit. He was a great help and his communication skills were top tier. I highly recommend Marcus in helping you with your medical/technical needs. His number is (716)923-4380 Ext 3172.

My pharmacy was having trouble getting in touch with my doctor on friday,I was going to run out the end day of Saturday. So I called myself to the main office WNY medical and spoke with Marcus Ambrose ext.3172 he was absolutely wonderful, Marcus took care of the whole situation within 20 minutes. I now my totally relieved that I can pick up my medication in 1 hour. Thank you for everything Marcus

If I didn't LOVE Dr. Diane Morrison I would leave this practice tomorrow. The ladies who take phone calls, makes appointments, etc. are extremely unprofessional. I received an unexpected call from Dr. Morrison one day and I was a bit concerned when I called her back. Wasn't sure what the call was about. The woman who answered the phone was laughing with someone else in the background and paid no attention to my inquiry. She did not know my nervousness, but her unprofessionalism made the experience more stressful than it needed to be. As well, I cannot understand the women I talk to, they cut you off when you're speaking, and overall are rude and abrasive. Lastly, the office on Maple Road should be condemned. It is dilapidated, filthy, and frankly concerning given it's a 'medical office'. Again, I love Dr. Morrison, and thankfully I only have to go for routine appointments, once per year. More than that and I'm sure I'd have to find alternate arrangements.

Grrrr. I am so very frustrated that when I call to make an appointment I can NOT talk to the ladies in the office I go to! Why all of a sudden do you have people who I CANNOT UNDERSTAND taking calls and maki g appointments?? It is beyond frustrating! My PA has also left this group and So far my experience with WNY MEDICAL because of her has been great …. Wonder if I’ll have that same opinion in the future. It has already dropped because of the “medical consultants “ ………

very satisfied with any medical . staff very friendly. Amy Munro is very knowledgeable & efficient. pleased with patient portal too. always a quick response for refills, questions, concerns. I have highly recommended to others

Great service at Walden WNY medical and love the portal, everything at your fingertips

I want to acknowledge how much I appreciate the WNY Medical patient portal. Whenever I need a prescription refill or need to check when an appointment is, I can go on the portal and the information is so easily obtained. I do not have to make a phone call or wait for someone to call me back. It really makes everything so mcuh easier.

I absolutely love the nurses and PAs but I can NOT stand the calls from "medical consultants"... nor when trying to make appointments or confirm them, the people that are calling or answering phones hardly speak English.....honestly considering leaving practice due to the outsourcing...ridiculous
Jennifer Chiarelli

We love Dr. Quijada. Have been a patient for many years. Very thorough and listens to any concerns.

I spoke with John Frank on making a Dr. Appointment. He was very helpful and nice. Also he found a location near me.

Hira B from the prescription department was very helpful in handling my appointment and prescription.

John Frank was very professional, he helped me to make an appointment soon as possible. He was very portlet Thank You Very Much

Thanks to John Frank, he was very kind, helped me with scheduling an appointment Thanks a lot

I must truly say Marcus Ambrose was wonderful he made me feel so comfortable about coming to a new Dr. Office!!!💯

I love Dr Quijada and I have been her patient for 10 + years! She is so knowledgeable, kind and funny. My only issue is that the wait to be seen takes forever and I sometimes can expect to be seen 3+ hours after my appointment time. It is very difficult to schedule things on the day of my appointment because I never know how long I will be in the waiting room. That is Only negative part of the experience

Mr. John Frank was very welcoming and professional with assisting me in setting up an appointment with my doctor. He found me an immediate opening and was a pleasure to speak too.

Hits B. Was very kind and thorough when handling my prescriptions and referrals. Absolutely amazing customer service
Sarah Ortiz

Harry was awesome helped out a lot was cool dude felt comfortable when he was asking a few Easy questions
Robert coghlan

Excellent service. Dr. Rodes was very professional and accommodating, and provided excellent services. Danny in the scheduling department was very helpful and spent a lot of time with us to make sure the appointments for our 19 workers fit within our scheduling needs. Thank you, we will not hesitate to use WNY Medical for our medical needs in the future!
Seasonal Landscaping and NurseryAlessi

I called the offuce and Danny was the only person in office and was helpful . Bravo

Danny was wonderful 5 stars

I called wny medical office located at Harlem, I talked to Marcus regarding my portal and prescription process. the patient care coordinator Marcus guy was very helpful and eager to help . he helped me setting up my account and guide me nicely. very good service.
Nighat Pervez

Dex Morgan was very prompt and helpful with my needs regarding services and medication. 5 stars!

Dex Morgan did a great job helping me sort out some confusion on a prescription refill. He quickly got it straightened out for me. 5 Stars!

Chris Smartz was so helpful today he made sure my medication was resent to the pepper pharmacy!

5 Star excellent Dr Norma QUIJADA is awesome,caring,understanding & an angel from above!!!! She deserves an OUTSTANDING AWARD DR !!!
Dina Mayne

5 stars. Reviews my chart and bloodwork thoroughly with me at each visit. See her 4 times a year for my thyroid. Enjoy my visits, great physician.

5 stars Dr. Q. Has been seeing me for over20 yrs. I have no complaints. She is very thorough.

On 6/28, Hira was very helpful when I called to get a prescription refilled. She was very courteous and followed through by calling my pharmacy. She was very helpful to me.

Today I spoke with your service Representative, "Adam Smith," requesting to be a new patient with Dr. Morris Cavalieri, Derby, N.Y. 14047, as my PCP Adam was helpful and informative and guided me through the procedure, smoothly. He also set a first appointment for me which will be Thurs. July 8th. @1:15pm. Thank you. Paula Jamison

“Thank you for putting yourself on the front line.”
Khurram Shahzad

I spoke with Stanley today regarding a phone appt with Judy who is standing in for Jameela. He was very pleasant and thorough about the appt and I will look forward to speaking with him in the future very much. David M. Bowersox

hirab was most helpfull got my perscription info righted rickytic

My call today with Sharon James was handled very well
George MacKay

Steven H was very helpful for my call today Took his time & helped me 100% Should have more like him working there Pleasant experience Dr Laduca answering service

Marsh Munro is very helping, kind and understanding. I have experience with this person regarding my friend issue. I am very thankful to this person. I have an awesome experience with WNY.

Words can’t say enough how much I am grateful to Dr Chanda Sadiq and the WNY medical team for working diligently for my mother who was a case of Acute kidney failure and a chronic diabetes. Going without health insurance for two years and surviving on OTC products finally she was taken in by the Medical Facility and with constant followups and competent specialists guidance finally showed excellent results in just few months. Her A1C dropped from 11.5 to 7.5. It was shocking rather than surprising .Efficient staff is always readily available to schedule appointments and give reminders. Very pleased with the service. I give full credit to Dr Chanda who is very professional, empathetic and likes to stay on top of things.I believe my mother is in good hands now!

I was going to call yesterday to schedule my follow monthly appointment but before I even had a chance, Dr. Rahman's (Psychiatry) receptionist called me. I was very pleased. However, the earliest appointment they could give me was after my medications were due so he said he would make a note of it and contact me the following day to make sure I got my meds. I never received the phone call and it's Friday which means I have to go all weekend without my meds. I started out very pleased but now I am very disappointed

Nathan was great today when I needed an appointment rescheduled for a sooner time. Highly recommend WNY medical pc for treatment.

Allan Rock went above and beyond to help me.

My experience has been wonderful. Dr Saeed is patient and has been able to manage my needs quite well. He is frequently out of town, however Dex Morgan, his medical assistant is always able to communicate needs in his absence, making sure I have what I need should an unplanned need arise.

WNY Medical is a very thorough doctors office. My appointment was on time, the doctor and the nurses took their time with me and answered all my questions. I received two tests on site and they set me up with all of the other referrals that I needed. The front office were kind, helpful and very efficient. My patient portal contact person, Stan, was patience and very helpful. If he didn't walk me through the process of setting up the patient portal I would have not bothered to do it. I was impressed with all the immediate contact that the office made with me after my appointment. And finally, I love all the updates that they made to the office and the examining rooms. Very nice. I am glad I chose WNY Medical as my primary source for medical attention.

Harry Rabbit was very helpful. Much appreciated.
Syeda Ahad

Staffs are good and helpful
Ashraf Zaman

Nathan was very helpful.

Very pleasant and efficient interactions with billing representative Fred Abbott. Polite and accommodating with excellent communication skills.

I am a patient, having Chandra Sadiq as my provider. I am very happy with her professionalism, and taking care of my health. Chandra overseas my thyroid and has got the right combination of rotating days of 2 different doses of meds. She always ask questions and even will even send me for blood to check vitamin levels. Thank you. They are a busy office but I am happy.

5 stars.

I can’t put into word how helpful WNYMedical has been for my 89 year old mother. There are times when she has an appointment and I need to change it and they bend over backwards to work with us. Mark especially takes his time to help and to answer questions we have and we never feel rushed. He is a true professional and is a huge reason why we have stayed here so long. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to know someone really cares and is truly trying to help. I wish more were like Mark. Thank you so much!

Dr Riffat Sadiq is my primary Docter, she is very courteous, kind, and very competent. Her holistic approach has been very helpful for me, and her friendly attitude has helped me feel comfortable around her.

5 stars
Kenneth Bialy

5 stars! Always there when I need them and follows up with me. The team at Walden (Depew) is excellent!
C. R.

5 stars, staff is polite and courteous.
K. S.

Great service and friendly. Always able to get in to see Dr. Jenn right away.
Justine M.

It is a very friendly office. Always clean and I am taken care of right away.
Cathleen B.

Very good care and friendly. Very thorough during examinations and when answering questions.

My visit today was very satisfying, all questions were answered.
Keri C.

I always feel welcomed by everyone here.
John H.

Always professional and attentive to my needs. Take the time to listen and provide, advise and give direction.
Richard F.

I love WNY Medical, friendly staff and always on time. Never a worry about my care.
Kimberly H.

Amazing doctors and staff.
Lisa W.

Best, kindest visit ever, thanks!

Dr. Bucci is personable, caring, thorough and goes by patient not just numbers. Very awesome.
Renae M.

Always listens to my concerns, great with referrals. Never feel rushed, feels like they take their time to really figure out any issues at hand.
Sammie O.

Very friendly and profound. Always in and out, never waiting forever.
Chris T.

Very professional, friendly and courteous.
Katherine F.

Great service and friendly staff. Always comfortable.
Daniel B

Staff is always pleasant and I am in and out.
April. C

My nurse practitioner is very thorough, understanding and very caring. She always answers all my questions and I couldn’t be happier.
Victoria J.

Fast and friendly, always on time. They will help you with all your problems.
Brittany W.

Always a friendly vibe, great staff and a great experience at WNY Medical! Keep up that great work!

My visit today was very in depth. They answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns.
Deborah Ybarra

Great visit, doctors are helpful, nice and kind.
Kristy H.

Always a great experience.

They are amazing here. I would not go anywhere else.

They were so kind and helpful, answering all my questions. Love going with them, the two doctors and the staff.

Service and doctors are great.

Excellent staff fast and friendly service

Very helpful, thorough and professional.

Quick and friendly service.

I like the all around process there. All the staff were very nice and I would recommend others to come here.
Monica W

After 1st visit, I was very happy with the PA, Youn Kim. We went over different aspects of the possibilities of hair loss and currently we are still investigating. Good location too!

Everyone of the staff I saw today was exceptionally kind and I’m glad to be back in Dr. Cavalieri’s care

As usual a pleasant and professional experience

Always a pleasant doctor/healthcare experience. Professional and polite and always answers any questions and/or concerns in an understandable manner. Everyone here is great!

Each time I visit WNY Medical PC I am greeted by the wonderful staff at the front desk. I would like to personally thank Megan and Elena for their professionalism and patience they’ve had with me. You guys are truly amazing!

Clean, spacious, spa-like. Front office staff are extremely friendly, 5 stars!

“Very friendly staff, very patient and understanding. I would recommend this place to anyone!
W. Saint

Always fast and wonderful interaction with staff
A. Cetera

I’ve been coming to WNY for years and have always received stellar service. The doctors and staff are excellent

I love the Derby girls !!! Debbie is always very helpful and amber always helps me if I need something krista is very good at her job and so is Stephanie my mother has pls and can not walk and has week bones and was in bed sick I called the office Debbie and Amber came in on there lunch to check her out I was so thankful they came I also go there I would not go anywhere else they are a great group Debbie and Amb r have really help me meet my needs and my mothers needs GO DERBY GIRLS your the best I also like now they have J Wilson to go over your chart and any concerns

Very professional environment, staff is very helpful. Waiting time is way less comparing other clinics. Thanks WNY Medical.

Amy Monroe is who I see and she is the best. The staff in the office are exceptional, it's a warm efficient office. You definitely feel better when you come out. They are organized friendly and most helpful in everyway. But when you call you want to make sure your talking to the office the other part of not talking to the office is confusion with billing appointments and they always want to know why your calling the office. They are hard to understand but if you want your health issues met call the office for great medical care you will be glad you did Amy Monroe is the best in her field, and l mention her to other doctors and they all say she is a wonderful professional and she goes the extra mile.

I have been going to WNY Medical PC on Broadway since it opened. I am very happy with the care that they give me and my family. They are pleasant and give me the attention that is needed to treat whatever my concerns are. My primary contact is Amy Munro . I was so impressed with Amy that I followed her to WNY Medical from Lancaster Medical. All of the staff have been helpful, efficient and caring.