Who We Are

Chronic Care Management(CCM) is a FREE service provided to eligible patients that aims to benefit your overall health and wellbeing. This program intends to help those with chronic conditions manage their conditions. Chronic conditions include but are not limited to: 

-High blood pressure 



-Anxiety and Mood Disorders

-And many, many more!

Our Services  

Meet Rita!  

  Rita is a FREE app that can remotely monitor patient care through a smartphone or bluetooth device.

Rita will help you with: 

●  Monitor vitals like blood pressure and glucose to treat chronic conditions like blood pressure or diabetes 

●  Help you get moving by tracking your activity and daily steps 

●  Track how many calories you are eating to help you stay on a healthy diet 

●  Help you become the best form of yourself! 

To learn more about our new CCM program, please contact 716-923-4383. We look forward to helping you manage your chronic conditions.